Frequently Asked Questions

Most clients have a standard set of questions that they ask, and I’ll try to answer most of them here.

What will you need from me?

We start with an informal meeting (coffee is good!) to get to know one another. During this meeting I’ll describe the elements of a website and what I’ll need from you:

  1. A thorough description of your business or idea, and your target market. This guides the overall style and content of your site. We’ll also discuss any deadlines that you may have
  2. We’ll decide how many pages you’ll need on your site, and what will be on them
  3. I’ll need you to provide a rough draft of the copy (text) on each page. You know your business or idea best, and have given it a lot of thought by now, so you’re in the best position to provide the drafts. I’ll step you through this carefully
  4. If you already have an established brand (colour scheme, design elements, typography, logo, etc.) we’ll review these elements and I’ll ensure to incorporate them into the design of your site


How long will the web design process take?

My aim is to get your website published as quickly as possible. If you’ve provided me with everything I need (as described above) then the site should take 2 to 3 weeks to full completion and launch.

Please note that this depends on a wide variety of factors and the estimated time could be longer or much shorter.

What are “design elements”?

Design elements are the basic units of any visual design which form its structure and convey visual messages. These are line, direction, shape, size, texture, value, and colour. 

Website design therefore represents your business in a visually appealing way that conveys your services and/or products properly. Together, the elements give your site a specific personality that represents you and your business.

What is "copywriting/editing”?

In short, copywriting is the process of writing text for the purpose of marketing your website. The product, called copy, is written content that aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade your client to take a particular action.

Copyediting is what I do when you provide me with draft copy for each of your pages. I edit your copy by checking its consistency and accuracy across all pages of your site. This includes checking grammar, spelling, and so on.

As with the design elements, the copy has a certain writing style that will complement the personality of your overall site.

Can you help me design my own site?

Absolutely! You may prefer to have more control over the design of your site, and I can help you through all of the technical aspects. 

Together we’ll select the most appropriate system to develop your site on, depending on your skill level. I’ll also help with any design challenges, your choice of template, and setting up your email.

Questions Are the Root of All Answers!

Don’t be shy!
Contact me now for any other questions or concerns you may have on your business journey.